Innovation expertise is consistently listed as the most important skill companies are looking for. Everyone is looking for passionate innovation experts. But how do you show your passion and expertise?

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What is in this exam…

The exam covers 8 ISO innovation management principles and some general knowledge.

Realization of value

Future-focused Leaders

Purposeful direction

Innovation Culture

Exploitable insights

Managing uncertainty

Agile management

Systemic view

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with over 60 experts, we developed a core competency curriculum

and many ways to learn. The exam covers the 8 IS56002 innovation management principles

The exam takes 2 hours. There are 90 minutes of closed questions and 30 minutes of open questions

The exam is hard. But we give you 2 tries. On the first try you can learn where you need to study.Depending on your background and experience, you’ll need to study 10 to 30 hours to pass the exam

When you pass, you’ll get a certificate showing you’ve mastered the essentials of the ISO 56002 innovation management standard and the bodies of knowledge prepared by the two largest innovation organizations: ISPIM and IAOIP

  • it is the only certification linked to ISO, ISPIM, and IAOIP standards
  • it’s recognized by more experts than any other innovation certification
  • and you can study for the certification for free


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